Coach Testimonials

“Having grown up going to camps and sending wrestlers to camps, I have to say, bringing your product to our team was the best thing I’ve seen in a camp. You did an excellent job of personalizing the camp and making the kids feel like you were there for them. I will recommend your camps and tournament to some of the teams and wrestlers I’m in contact with in Oklahoma.
Continue the excellence!!
Go pokes!!…and Hoosiers!”
“Coach Nick Spatola did a fantastic job with our boys in 3 days. He had a unique way of weaving in technique, strength and conditioning, and the mental aspect in a session. Along with his motivational speeches, all the drills, exercises, and live wrestling fitted in like puzzle pieces into a nice training package of intensity. Boys learned a lot about wrestling, about being a champion, and why this sport is so special for them in their lives. Thank you Coach Spatola!!”
Shu Yabui
Head Coach Saint Mary’s International in Tokyo, Japan

Parent Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you for the impact you made on Anthony this weekend. He had so much fun, was challenged, and learned so much.  He made me promise to sign him up for September, which I just did. I told him not to forget his sleeping bag next time. lol
Anthony is our foster son and has been with us for over 3 years now.  This little fella and his 2 brothers have been through a lot but he sure LOVES wrestling.  He had never been involved with it until he moved in with us and we were so fortunate to have Coach M as his coach these last three years. He loves Coach M, but I think you might have ranked over Coach M now!  It truly warms our hearts to see programs that give back so much like yours not only encouraging wrestling but making the kids understand the importance of school, how they treat themselves and each other- lifting them up in general. 
I just wanted to say thanks for what you do for these kids.”
“My boys (all four of them) have been going to Nick’s training for over three years! At first I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but Nick does an unbelievable job coaching boys and getting them ready. I will tell you that a session with Nick equals a month of wrestling. He will work with your son’s individual weakness and help them get better.”
Willie Rodriguez

Wrestler Testimonials

“Congratulations on the beautiful, new facility, Nick. It looks awesome!!

I’d like to be the first offer an UNSOLICITED, glowing recommendation for Spatola Wrestling. My son started with Nick about 3 years ago as a freshman in high school and to this day credits Nick with being his best ally in the sport. Nick has not only trained my son in spot-on technique, he has been able to instill a sense of confidence in him that was sorely lacking in the beginning. My son is a state wrestler and is expected to have a great season this year, in no small part due to Nick Spatola.

I have attended portions of Nick’s training camp weekends. I, myself, have been absolutely blown away by his ability to relate to and understand the wrestler’s needs, identify his strengths and weaknesses, and pay such personal attention that the kid feels like he’s getting a private lesson in every session. Mostly, I’ve been INSPIRED by Nick’s motivational talks and enthusiasm. I can’t stress what an outstanding effort Nick puts forth for each every kid and I will be forever grateful to him for what he has done for my son.

Nick clearly loves what he does, CARES about the kids and has traveled all over the tri-state training beginners to state champs. I know because I’ve taken my son to many locations to meet up with him. The time is more than worth the trip. I’m so glad that Nick now has a home base and I would encourage anyone to visit Nick to see what he can do for you or your wrestler. Prices are more than reasonable and his attention is impeccable.

Once again, I want to stress that this is a legitimate, unsolicited endorsement for Spatola Wrestling. I’m so happy to see this announcement in here.”
“My brother and I thought your camp was great. It’s awesome that you bring in guys like us to help your kids out. Your kids are lucky to have a coach like you.”

Logan and Hunter Stieber
Both 4X OHSAA State Champions
NCAA Champion (Logan) and All-American (Hunter)

“Nick, You have been more than an inspiration to me to do so well in wrestling throughout my high school and college career. You have been like my big brother constantly challenging me to do bette even when i didn’t want to be pushed. You’re intensity was contagious and i thank you for distilling it in me.”

Tommy Pretty
OHSAA Division 1 Champion
NAIA National Champion (Campbellsville University)
3X All-American

“I have been training with nick since the fourth grade. His presence is the reason why wrestling grew on me so much. With him it was a lifestyle, and his practices and camps proved that. His relentless effort in coaching, his knowledge of the sport, and his desire to watch his wrestlers succeed truly does make him one of the best mentors to be around. The countless extra hours of training I spent with him molded me into a two time state placer, including a state runner-up finish. Not only has he allowed me to excel in the sport, but he also shaped me into a high character level headed young man. My career would be nowhere without Nick Spatola, and I am forever grateful I had the privilege to train with such a caring and tenacious coach. Thank you Nick.”

Kevin Hyland
OHSAA Wrestling Finalist
Varsity Football player at University of Cincinnati

“The first time I met Coach Spatola was in the third grade when I attended one of his camps. After working with him for a couple years he became an assistant coach at Elder. Having the opportunity to work with Coach Spatola day in and day out in the wrestling room was one of the main reasons I became the wrestler who I am today. He showed me how to be disciplined, dedicated, and determined on the mat. Having Coach Spatola in my corner gave me more confidence than anything, his match composure and coaching got me through some of my toughest matches. I am thankful that throughout my high school career I was able to utilize Coach Spatola to the fullest, whether it is a one on one wrestling practice or a phone call scouting another wrestler Coach Spatola made the time for me. He has the technique and coaching skills to take anyone to the top, the wrestler just has to believe in it.”

Ian Korb
Varsity wrestler at University of Pennsylvania
3X OHSAA Placer (finalist)
2X Junior National All-American

“Nick has been one of the the greatest coaches I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. In one summer I made the leap from being a state qualifier, to a state runner-up, and placing third in the brute sophomore nationals thanks to him. One of the best coaches and greatest guy’s I’ve known.”

Logan Jones
Kentucky State Finalist (Walton Verona HS)

“My brother and I wrestled with Nick throughout our time in high school. Every moment during the off season was spent wrestling over at his house three days a week. One thing he taught me was, in order to be better than your opponent; you have to be practicing when he is not. There are wrestlers you will come up against that do not enjoy giving up their spring and summer to make themselves better at a sport that is so physically and mentally demanding. By wrestling with Nick in the off season, we were able to beat such wrestlers with ease. Those years spent in Nick’s basement will stick with me for the rest of my life. I found inner strength I did not know existed from the time spent in his wrestling room. While it is true, that we cannot compete forever; the lessons I learned from wrestling with Nick all those years did teach me one thing… after wrestling, life is pretty easy. One of my favorite posters on his wall read “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Hard work not only pays off in wrestling, but also in life. I still to this day use the mental skills and toughness I learned in that basement; and it’s all thanks to Nick Spatola.”

Kyle Connolly

“I started wrestling in 6th grade, and had high expectations for myself going into high school. I ended up with a losing record after my freshman year, and my brother and I had asked Nick, who was a senior on the team, if he would train us over the summer to help improve our skills. I always had a good work ethic, but Nick taught me how to push it even further. “The body is limitless. Only your mind holds the body back” was a common phrase uttered in Nick’s basement. Once I understood what that truly meant, I improved exponentially. I started making appearances in the varsity lineup from my sophomore on, and my loss total over the next three years never exceeded the losses suffered during my freshman year. I’ve been to many wrestling camps run by coaches of D1 programs, and none have compared to a weekend down in Nick’s basement. Many of the lessons learned down there still apply to my athletic endeavors today.”

Keith Connolly
Spatola’s first class
Top 5 Olympic-style weightlifter in United States at 56kg

“Nick really helped me. I started wrestling my junior year in high school. I had no clue what i was doing. My first year didn’t go by too well. Then I met Nick. I worked out persoanl training sessions a couple of times a week with him for over a year. I learned more in one year, from his camps, clinics ect., then most people learn in 2 or 3 years. He pushed me harder than I could push myself and showed me what it takes to be achampion. Through all the blood sweat and tears, I becames twice the wrestler I was, all thanks to him.”

Adam French

“Wrestling for almost 12 years now I have been lucky enough to spend the last 2 years being coached by Nick Spatola. I would like to give Spatola a special thank you. It was your coaching that helped me achieve my goal of becoming the runner-up at the Kentucky State Tournament in 2012. As a coach and a mentor you have helped me to grow into the man I want to become. I hope that your career in coaching expands greatly. Once again thank you so much for everything you have done for me!”

Lane Jones
Kentucky State Runner-UP 2012

“I have learned more training with Spatola in two years than I have in a lifetime going to camps. Spatola has not only made me a better wrestler, but he has shown me what hard work and determination can get you. He is willing to put in the time to help you reach your goals and always pushes you to dream big. He instills confidence that you will succeed through training and hard work.”

Ryan Zawacki
2012 Sectional Champion

“Nick, After Tyler’s graduation from Elder High School last week I wanted to send a note of gratitude for all you have done for Tyler these last 6 years.

From Ty’s Jr. High days during summer in your parents basement, to the extra practices during high school season, to the spring and summer camps during high school, and countless small group sessions, Tyler has had great fun and memories, and developed the mental toughness needed for success.

Thanks and best wishes.”

Ken Hardtke
Father of 2X Southwest District Champion
OHSAA State Placer


“The one thing i can say about Nick is that he is great with kids. Ever since i met him he has been working with any kid that came to him. I still remember when Orlando came to your house for one weekend and I think that was his changing point in wrestling when he stated to love the sport. I don’t know what you did that weekend but he was a lot better and wanted to do it. I think Orlando wouldn’t be were he is now if it wasn’t for nick. Thanks.”

Orlando Scales
Father of 2X OHSAA undefeated state champion and NAIA National Champion


My son just finished his 4th and final year of college wrestling and I have never been more proud . I just wanted to thank you again for your part in his awesome career. He has not only evolved into a great wrestler but as a fantasticyoung man. Tommy was your first student when he was in the 5th grade and when you joined Elder’s coaching staff his senior year it gave him the push he needed to win state. He ends his college career with school records for wins, pins, and team points, to go with his National championship and 3 time All American status. Our family thanks you.”

Tom W. Pretty Sr.

“To anyone and everyone looking either to make their selves or their children better wrestlers I would encourage you to check out Spatola Wrestling. I learned of Nick Spatola threw word of mouth about 2 years ago. I had the privilege of getting my son into is room shortly afterwards and was very impressed with the results. So much so that my son traveled with Nick the following summer. The camps that followed only brought more talented kids and more big named coaches and college wrestlers in to train with the high school kids. The roomkeeps growing in size and talent and the rates have never changed making this one of the best deals in Southwest Ohio.”

Glenn Kersey
Father of 2012 OHSAA State Qualifier

“Nick trained my son Adam. He really did not have a clue what it took to be a wrestler. He started late in high school and Nick was straight up with him,he told him you probably won’t make it to state but we can get you close. Over the course of a year, I watched my boy grow in many ways other then just wrestling. His wrestling skills improved 100 percent over this time, his health improved also. His outlook on life became much more positive. He looked to Nick as an older brother. Nick was there whenever he needed him whether it be there for just wrestling or life experience. I can not say enough as a father about what Nick did for my son and still continues today. The boy did much better this year then I expected. Got hurt at districts and could not continue but was a very sharp competitor at that point. Every kid he wrestled told him that they could not believe he had only wrestled for a year and that his cardio was better then their’s and they had played many sports over the years. If i could say one thing about Nick it would be I found the one perfect guy for my son to train with, how lucky was that?”

Rodney French

“I would like to thank Nick for all the work he has done with my two sons. Lane and Logan have been working with Nick for two years now. They have made great improvements in all three phases of wrestling in that time.This year brought All American honors as well as both boys making it to the state finals. With his help we are hoping to achieve a goal for both boys of a state championship.”

Greg Jones

“It was a fantastic ride. You took a JV wrestler and in less than a year made him a winning first year varsity wrestler. None of us have any regrets except for not knowing about you sooner!”

Tracy Campbell

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