“These structured classes are coach Spatola’s  classic 5 point practices… Warm-up, Drill, Technique, Live Wrestling, Conditioning. You can expect multiple coaches to give all kids individualized instruction, wrestlers from Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana, and a great training atmosphere.”

PRACTICE TIMES: 7 pm – 8:30 pm (Monday / Wednesday/ Sunday)

  • Drop-ins (nonclub members) price is $15 per practice
  • Late club signups will be prorated
  • Significant savings by signing up as a member!

All club members will receive information on upcoming tournaments (some of which Coach Spatola will be at to coach your wrestler), advice on mental toughness when competing against great wrestlers, strength/flexibility/balance tips, nutrition education, tips and advice on how to prepare for high school/college and more!

Friday Night Youth/Beginner Class (Nov3 – Mar 23)

      21 weeks $200

  • $10 per class
  • 15% discount for signing up long term
  • Practice time (6-7pm): Friday

Winter Club:  Nov 6 – Mar 28 (Monday, Wednesday, Sunday) 

      21 weeks – Sunday starts Nov 5

  • 1 day = $200
  • 2 day = $380
  • 3 day =$550


“Make the commitment to do the extra this year. Every wrestler has regular school practices, but the champions do extra. It’s the hard days that really count.”

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